Monday 5 of December, 2022
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Project Hero: New Trailer

A few months ago we interviewed Ahmed Abaza of Deadline Studios, revealing his plans to create Egypt's first Anime. Now the team has just come back from Dubai's Comicon and have released a new trailer and soundtrack. Check it out here...

Staff Writer

We can honestly say that Project Hero is the most anticipated Egyptian anime series of all times. We know we can say this with confidence because as it stands, no Egyptian Anime exists. Our friends at Deadline Studio are still hard at work making this wonderfully uniquely Egyptian series come to life.

Recently, they have just returned from the Dubai Comic Con festival where they presented their latest trailer of their eye catching project. The trailer provides further insights into the Egypt they have created in Anime, while introducing the characters that live within it. Accompanying the trailer is a soundtrack entitled We7na Henak by Dieski, which compliments the trailer making it unmistakably Egyptian. 

To learn more about this project check out our interview with creator Ahmed Abaza.