Wednesday June 7th, 2023
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Puppet Stars Boogy & Tamtam Make Theatrical Comeback With New Play

As part of a national bid to revive Egyptian theatre, the play will reimagine the characters' development through the digital age.

Farah Desouky

After decades of appearances on TV, puppet stars and Egyptian pop culture icons Boogy and Tamtam will soon take centre stage at the Cairo Puppet Theatre. Their new show will reimagine the characters' development through the digital age, and will be led by director and head of the Ministry of Culture’s Cultural Production Department Khaled Galal. The play is part of the Cultural Production Department’s mission to revive Egyptian theatre with various new productions throughout 2023. 

Led by writer and director Mahmoud Rahmy, ‘Boogy and Tamtam’ first aired in 1983, and over the course of over 18 seasons the series has charmed audiences with their comically-delivered moral messages. The series revolved around the misadventures of the two titular puppet siblings, who were originally played by late comedian Youness Shalaby and renowned actress Hala Fakher.