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Pyramid Skyscraper to Become Egypt's Tallest Building

Set to dominate Sheikh Zayed, the Ministry of Housing has announced the building of a 49-storey tower set to become Egypt's tallest building.

At Cityscape Egypt real estate conference last month, plans were announced by Minister of Housing Moustafa Madbouly for the construction of Egypt's new tallest building, a 49-storey tower in the shape of a Pyramid. The tower will be 50 metre higher than the current tallest building in Egypt, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which rises at 143 meters high.  

The 'Zayed Crystal Spark' will be situated in a 798,000-square meter bloc in Sheikh Zayed City and consist of two pyramids – one tall and slim, and the other broad and short. The project would be built through partnership between real estate developers and the New Urban Communities Authority (NUCA), but Madbouly did not reveal investment details.

The government will formally present the project at an economic summit this month.