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Quiksilver Set to Crown the King of The Lagoon

Get ready to witness some seriously killer kitesurfing moves as Quiksilver fuels this year's King of the Lagoon competition at Soul Kitesurfing Center in Ras Sudr this weekend!

Kitesurfing is the It sport this summer and everyone's trying it, getting to know the watery sport and simply falling in love. But the sport requires sea and sea screams summer and, well, summer's almost over. But in memory of a beautifully spent season and the love of surfing, Soul Kitesurfing Center will be hosting King of the Lagoon contest sponsored by Quiksilver, crowning very talented winners in category of the competition; free style, big air, and the race.

The King of the Lagoon competition takes place on the 10th of September. After its huge success in 2013 where a women’s group and a men’s group entered the challenge, competing and flaunting their talents in kitesurfing, and showing off their mastery of the demanding sport, we can only wonder what kind of impressive kitesurfing prowess we will witness this year.  

The center is most certainly one of a kind in the country, located in La Hacienda Beach Resort in Ras Sudr, on crystal-clear tranquil waters, offering a phenomenal kite-surfing experience all year long, due to the location's reliable and consistent gift that is the wind. Essential for beginners, the kitesurfing playground is nestled in an area where the sea reaches a perfect waist-depth. Animal lovers can also enjoy fun, pleasurable moments of kitesurfing with dolphins, as Soul Kitesurfing will guide you to the where the loving sea creatures swim.

In case Mother Nature decides on the unlikely condition of windless days, the center has a set of plans that include various activities, keeping everyone entertained, such as stand up paddle-boarding and excursions around Ras Sudr, allowing visitors to tour the area and delve into the treasure of Oyoun Moussa's widely known hot springs. Other popular sights one can explore is the Hamam Pharaoun's healing cave that gathers many foreigners from all the corners of the world.

So whether you're ready to partake in some heated competition, our you’d just rather relax and the beach and witness it, this weekend is set to show off some serious feats of watery athleticism!

Follow up with updates and contest shenanigans on Quiksilver's Facebook page here.