Monday June 24th, 2024
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A Night To Rock With The Raindogs & Off Beat

An all-American set list is in store this Thursday 14th, as Rock Night is celebrated with the best Rock cover bands at Cairo Jazz Club...

Staff Writer

A Night To Rock With The Raindogs & Off Beat

There is no point Cairo Jazz Club still has to prove in making people dance, rock or relax. This Thursday, May 14, the Raindogs, the Cadillacs and Off Beat are back to play an incredible theme night that is entirely dedicated to Rock n' Roll. At Rock Night, you can be sure to hear some tunes. 

Tom Waits must have been busy on Thursday himself. Instead, he is sending his favourite tribute act. The Raindogs, the Egypian answer to the Rock legend, will be performing all-time favourites, spanning over four decades. The cookie monster of the music business might not be here that night, however, nobody will be able to notice the absence of the original as the Raindogs take centre stage once again to make you remember that live music at Cairo Jazz Club is a sweet something that will put the "Rock" in Rock Night.

After the Raindogs, the 70s are alive with The Cadillacs taking over, performing their best set of Rockabilly hits, making it an all-American Rock night. The sounds of the past will fill up the venue like never before to make it impossible to sit still. Put your dancing shoes on and join the crowds - there's no better way to celebrate the end of the week than to rock the night away.  

Off Beat might have chosen their band name based on the crowds they attract and not their horrible sound on the guitars because their sound is anything but. Returning to the Cairo Jazz Club stage they are rocking it like the King once did. It's Rock n' Roll o'clock!

Join Cairo Jazz Club rejoicing in life, music and the best of partying on Thursday from 10pm. For more information, click here.