Thursday 8 of December, 2022
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A new Lebanese online venture lets you consult with doctors about your fasting woes...

Staff Writer

There's always been a bit of controversy when it comes to health risks of fasting, from binge eating and mineral deficiencies to headaches and chronic complaining. Now, instead of going to bed until iftar some clever people at Lebanese website, a medical Q & A platform connecting patients and doctors in the Arab world, now provide health advice specifically for Ramadan queries and dietry issues. Users can either access an archive of previously answered questions or post a new question completely free of charge. "People who ask the questions are asking to get medical information instead of searching on Google and Yahoo. Here on Etobb they have a way to communicate with a doctor and get an answer from a specialised doctor quickly," Chief Executive Office Paul Saber, told Al Arabiya.

Check out the website at or just, like, go have a nap.