Friday 9 of December, 2022
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Ramallah Gets Raunchy

Palestine's first online sex shop has caused quite a stir. However, its creator claims to have received blessings from Ramallah's religious authorities.

Staff Writer

It looks like the Rampant Rabbi could be in for some stiff competition from the first ever Palestinian sex shop. Yes, that 's right, kinky couples across the Occupied Territories are getting orgasmic as Palestinians swap keffeyahs for nipple tassels in plan set to spank the Zionist the bedroom.

Frisky Ashraf Alkiswani decided to launch the country's first online adult store, Karaz, and he has even got the green light from the country's strict religious teachers. However the randy Ramallah resident claims his project, which means cherries in Arabic, is not just about sex.

He said: “It's about love and the joy of expressing that love. It's about trying to build bridges across gaps that separate the husband from the wife by improving sexual harmony, which will in turn will lead to happier marriages, less divorce and less infidelity. In that sense, it is a social project."

The site, which comes just weeks after the world's first Halal sex shop opened its cyber doors in Turkey, features a range of 'sexual enhancement products' including raunchy bedroom games and kinky sex toys. The 30-year-old unmarried man was so proud of his fledgling business he even took it to local religious elders – who loved the idea.

"I told them the two stories that compelled me to begin this business. Two stories of embarrassing moments that were so embarrassing they were sad,” explained Alkiswani. And now he has been given a fatwa to set tongues wagging across the West Bank and beyond.

He added: "Islam promotes sexual intimacy between husband and wife, yet in society it is taboo to talk of it. So people shy away from asking questions. Our aim is to provide a range of tasteful products to help rekindle the purity and passion between married couples. Karaz is proud to help foster healthy relationships by offering a wide spectrum of marital aids that help husbands and wives achieve and maintain an intimate lifestyle."