Saturday June 3rd, 2023
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Ramez Galal’s Upcoming Ramadan Prank Show under Fire by Tony Khalifa in New Viral Video

Khalifa points the blame to his fellow Lebanese presenter Nishan for helping to fool him into flying to the UAE for a fake interview.

Staff Writer

Famed Lebanese TV presenter Tony Khalifa posted a video on Monday to his official YouTube channel exposing the details of the upcoming pranks TV show hosted by Egyptian actor and prankster Ramez Galal, set to air this Ramadan.

In the video, which garnered over 300K views overnight, Khalifa accuses his fellow Lebanese presenter Nishan of participating in setting up the prank by contacting Khalifa from his own personal number requesting to fly him out to Dubai or Abu Dhabi for a televised interview which he claimed was produced by OSN.

Khalifa was initially sceptical due to Nishan's reputation for preparing and advertising for his shows months ahead, which wasn't the case this time. When Khalifa inquired from his office manager about the number that reached out to her to confirm flight and hotel details, she revealed that the call was received from an Egyptian number, at which point Khalifa was certain that the Egyptian prankster Ramez Galal was behind the whole thing, which angered him and prompted him to reveal the story.

"You're now getting paid by the head count? Is it possible that someone would sell out his friends and family to a harmful prankster like Ramez Galal? The biggest wound is that Nishan took advantage of our personal friendship and my blind trust to gain money," says Khalifa in the video addressing Nishan. "I was going to take my 8 and 10-year-old children to the shoot. May God curse the money that makes us deal with each other that way."