Saturday June 15th, 2024
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Ramses II-Era Sarcophagus Unearthed in Saqqara

Cairo University’s archeology team discovers 3,200 years old sarcophagus belonging to Ptah-em-uya, a Ramses II-era royal secretary.

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Ramses II-Era Sarcophagus Unearthed in Saqqara

A Ramses II-era sarcophagus has been unearthed in Saqqara by an archaeological team from Cairo University’s Faculty of Archaeology. Led by Dr. Ola El Ogeizy, the team identified the red granite sarcophagus as belonging to a senior royal secretary named ‘Ptah-em-uya’, whose tomb was found in 2021.

The noble was described as a high-ranking official under Ramses II who served as chief overseer of cattle and the head of the treasury of the Ramesseum, the pharaoh's mortuary temple in Luxor’s Theban Necropolis.