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Rapper, DJ & Entrepreneur: A Talk with Egyptian-Irish Superwoman Dena

Whether it's about her career as a musical artist and entrepreneur, or the dichotomy between Egyptian and Irish culture, we sat down with Ancient Naturals founder Dena to talk about her journey.

Egyptian-Irish singer, songwriter, rapper, and DJ wears another hat: entrepreneur. In 2020, Dena founded ‘Ancient Naturals’, a wellness and lifestyle brand that brings natural, hand-made products from Egypt to the UK. With skincare, hair care, herbal smoke blends that fight insomnia and create calm, and a new line of Nubian hats and bags, Ancient Naturals plays directly into the growing need for products rooted in culture and wellbeing

CairoScene sat down with Dena to hear about her journey with the brand and as an entrepreneur. We also discussed the relationship between Egyptian culture and spirituality, as well as the unique dichotomy between being Egyptian and Irish

Watch the video for the full interview.