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Ready, Set, Rally!

Hosting their second rally event, NEWGIZA will see the country's best off-roaders battle it out in the final round of Egypt's Rally Championship 2013, this Friday, 22nd November.

If you left your home this morning, you’re probably still gushing about how empty the streets were, how fast you sped along the ring road and how you wish every day was as traffic free as today. We rarely get a chance to satisfy our need for speed in Cairo, and when we do, it’s a day to remember. But if you thought today was good, just wait until you see what NEWGIZA has on offer this Friday, 22nd November. Rev your engines and head on down to the normally-serene suburban site, because they’re hosting their second rally on their sprawling property.

The final round of the Egypt Rally Championship 2013, known on the racing circuit as Al Farouky Challenge,  will see Egypt’s finest and fastest rally teams head out on to the sand to battle it out for title of the best drivers out there, in the best off-roaders out there. Gear heads will have plenty of eye-candy to ogle at, as the best models Toyota, Jeep, Dodge and more have to offer will come out to play, in the careful hands of Egypt’s racers.

The event starts at 1PM, so get there early to secure yourself the best spot from which to see the adrenaline junkies go at around the track. There’ll be a barbeque all afternoon to keep your energy up and your taste buds as entertained as your eyes. The event is free to attend, and is a great boys’ day out. Just don’t get any ideas and try to drive your Kia across the desert on your way home. 

For more on NewGiza and their events, visit their Facebook page here and follow @NEWGIZAEgypt on Twitter.