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Ready, Steady, Google!

Every time I walk into the MO4 office, I begrudgingly communicate with my staff, collegues and partners.

It’s with great annoyance that I find myself talking and making eye contact with these people who just completely exasperate me. However, this morning, as I sat at my desk, opened my laptop, closed all the porn tabs I had opened last night and went on to Google, this is what I found.

Google have always created these Google doodles, constantly adapting their logo depending on what’s happening globally. Maybe on my upcoming birthday they will adapt the Google O’s to nooses with a cute illastration of my lifeless body hanging from them. That would be nice.

Anyway I never pay much attention to them. As you may expect, as of late all the Google doodles have been Olympics-inspired but today they went all interactive on us a with a fantastic Google doodle game: a coming-of-age story of a young African man trying to overcome the arduous hurdles in his life, fighting against the clock and against all odds to reach the finish line…of life. It’s quite inspiring.

Not only that, but also you have to tap the space bar and arrow tabs in suscession really fast and, as such, it appears to my co-workers that I’m working vigorously, in deep concentration. This has meant no one has bothered me in the office. Thanks Google!

Check it out now –