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Ready to Party it Up in Cairo's Transylvania This Halloween?

Get your all black outfits and gorey makeup on, it's time to take on Halloween in style.

Most of us wait around all year for Halloween. We get to get all decked out in all black e'rything, looking like sexy villains, and no one will even dare to judge us because it's Halloween! It's once a year, and all the scary energy we've been hoarding needs comes out. Some of us, though, know that it's kind of hard to roam the streets of Cairo nonchalantly in those outfits, so we opt for attending parties with other freaks of nature. Good news, fellow comrades of the dark world – there is a place willing to take all of us in. 

On October 27th, a phenomenon by the name of Transylvania will be transforming the Uptown Cairo Clubhouse – organised by Ramy Ragy and Youssef Rizk. Do you know what they're giving you on this day? Yes, a lot of Dracula(s), witches, possibly zombie brides, and whatever else all the enthusiastic Halloween-lovers will come up with that involves dark clothing and makeup.

Everyone's epic costumes will probably look better after the open cocktail bar by Amici on wheels passes by you. You're also going to be dancing senselessly to Disco Misr and DJ Ramy Junkie, and we'll likely see a love story unfold between a vampire and a catwoman on the dance floor – an epic night it shall be, we tell you.

If you're not excited about this dark, gloomy, scary, haunted stuff that reflects our inner souls, then you deserve to live in a candy-coated world far, far away from us – yuck!

Reserve your spot now by calling 01281689403.