Friday December 1st, 2023
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Red Bull BC One Breakdance Competition At The GrEEK Campus Happening Friday

The only event that could possible bring us more international prestige than the Olympics is coming up quick.

Staff Writer

Red Bull is taking over the GrEEK Campus this Friday to give Egypt's breakdancers (or B-Boys as they're apparently called) an opportunity to show off their skills.

The 5th annual Red Bull BC One, the biggest breakdancing competition in Egypt, has taken 160 of the best B-Boys in Egypt and pitted them against each other to determine who will compete at the international level this December in the breakdancing capital of the world, Japan. Those 160 have been narrowed down to just 16 by Red Bull's international cabal of judges, Lil G from Venezuela, Benny from South Africa, and Heat from Egypt, and will be fiercely fighting for the chance to represent Egypt on the world stage, or unfolded cardboard box, or whatever it is they use.

This Cypher (B-Boy speak for competition) is set to turn the Egyptian breakdancing world on its head (ha! see what we did there?) and prove that Egypt can compete with the international community in more things than weight-lifting and not shaking hands.