Sunday 4 of December, 2022
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Red Bull Car Park Drift Contest Is Back

You don't have to be in Tokyo to see mind-boggling drifters – this is Cairo; we were born to drift.

Staff Writer

Dip your hand into your pocket and feel around until you hear a peculiar yet familiar jingle. Pull out the keys; take a moment to gaze upon those shiny silver edges. Take a deep breath, stretch your arms out, lean back, face the sky, and just enjoy this perfect moment of recognition. You just remembered that nothing else matters, because soon it will be just you and your car against the whole world. You put those keys into the ignition and anxiously turn it to hear the beautiful sound of your car’s rebirth. Yes, that deep and gorgeous ‘vroom’ that says good morning and I miss you. You then wiggle in your seat to get into that one perfectly compatible position that seals the lock between you, and you realise as you are caressing the steering wheel with your fingers that you are exactly where you belong. You soar down the road, seemingly flying with imaginary wings sprouting to harmonise the union of you and your car as you brush against the pavement with a trail of white smoke rushing behind you. Congratulations; you have discovered utopia.

Not all of us live life so far on the edge, but some live it so fully that we feel that same thrill and excitement as we watch them fly. That's what you get when you mix power, excitement, energy, pure thrill – and a bit of Red Bull. It's like these guys are behind everything that could make us fly or even feel like flying. Now back in Egypt to bring us one of our most favoured and adrenaline-infused events ever, Red Bull is hosting the 6th edition of The Red Bull Car Park Drift contest! The tournament involves insanely talented adrenaline junkies competing against each other to show off their talents for all us car and drifting lovers out there. This year, 16 participants will compete against one another in an attempt to win over the judges and grab the public's attention and enthusiasm. The lucky (and extremely talented) winner will be given the opportunity to participate in the regional drifting competition to be held in Oman soon. The tournament will be held on the 3rd of June at 8:00 PM at the Tolip Family Park Hotel - Suez Road. You can buy tickets at Virgin Megastore if you really hurry. 

For more information click here to check out the Facebook event page.