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Red Bull Fel Share3: Egypt's 9 Hour Music Festival

Egypt's biggest music event of 2016 is going to take over the streets of Cairo and Alexandria.

Nine hours, two cities, one music festival – yup, that's just Red Bull... Fel Share3! Taking over Cairo at Cairo Festival City Mall, as well as Alexandria at Alex West Compound, Red Bull is throwing a massive non-stop nine-hour music festival that is possibly – nay, definitely – Egypt's biggest street music festival of 2016.

There will be over 10 bands and DJs, only those reckoned as the best of Egypt, playing here and there. You don't believe us when we say 'the best', do you? You think we're just bluffing, right? Well, joke's on you.

There will be Sharmoofers, Cairokee, and Wust El Balad – our staple Egyptian music favourites. More than that, there will be some of the Arab world's most renowned, the likes of Autostrad and Ghalia Ben Ali – you believe us now, don't you? Oh, did we also mention Disco Misr and rapper Sphinx will be there rocking the streets of our beautiful Egyptian cities? You're jealous you're not there, and it hasn't even started yet, aren't you...

You're obviously more than welcome to grab your group of buddies, or a girlfriend/boyfriend, or even your family, and make the best of the last Friday of October (the 28th, in case you didn't catch that) from 2 PM to 11 PM.

Find out how you can buy your tickets through their Facebook event page.