Thursday 8 of December, 2022
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Reebok ZQuick: The City is Your Playground

Fitness buffs will be thrilled to hear that the super high-tech ZQuick running shoes have landed in Reebok stores across Cairo... And god knows Egyptians need to be more active!

Staff Writer

In Egypt sugar and starch are a way of life. Asking whether someone wants sugar in their tea is a futile question, and expecting a snack to be anything less than a hearty meal is delusional. Love for both unites all Cairenes at least once a day. However sugary bliss doesn't seem as sweet when considering a report released by the World Health Organisation; according to them the nation's sweet tooth and insatiable appetite makes it the 7th most overweight country in the world and will lead to Egypt having the largest number of people with diabetes in the region by 2025.

It is this heavy consumption without the presence of an active culture that is the problem. For many the idea of fitness is daunting; exercise is not as effortless as our childhood activities at the playground once were. However, luckily for us Cairo's fun fitness activities are ever-expanding. The city is offering more and more exercise and adventure options ranging from Crossfit to Parkour and cycling to early morning runs, making the city itself the new playground to curb our consumption.

Step in Reebok's new high-performance ZQuick; a shoe made for performance, inspired by the design of high-performance ZRated tires found in high end sports and super cars. We're not all car aficionados so let us translate: these vehicles travel at an extremely high velocity and are designed to enable high speed manoeuvres, and much like this ZQuicks are engineered for the Olympic runner inside all of us.

Thanks to Reebok's innovative technology, the shoe's foam compound and sliced geometry allows a feather light, cushioned and more responsive run. In other words, no longer will your chunky inflexible sneakers burden your movement as your ZQuicks and your feet become one. No longer will our two left feet have us tripping and falling every time we decide to get healthy as the new shoes’ underfoot grooves allow the middle part of the sole to complement our movement. As our feet flex and expand over the hard terrain, so does the shoe, increasing the area of contact with the ground resulting in control and stability. In addition, rapid acceleration and easy control at high speeds are also possible for the more experienced exercisers. The shoe has even been worn by sport legends such as Aly Raisman (Gold Medal Olympic gymnast), footballer Knowshon Moreno and MMA powerhouse Johny Hendricks. ZQuick owners, you’re in pretty good company!

You can get your ZQuicks at any Reebok store across Egypt: Cairo Festival City, City Stars, Maadi City Cenre, Mall of Arabia, Mohandessin (Lebanon Street), Maadi Grand Mall and Alexandria City Centre. Find out more about Reebok in the Middle East here.