Tuesday 6 of December, 2022
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Remix the Rules at Club Central with Mathias Tanzmann

Wild party and delicious Desperados galore? Yes please.

Staff Writer

We tend to sort of aimlessly float through the work week, half-asleep at work, a little bit of drool on our keyboard, simultaneously recovering from the past weekend in Sahel and preparing for the upcoming one. Because getting your party fix is not something to be taken lightly. Thankfully, the party lords above understand this and on Thursday 18th August, they have orchestrated a beautiful union between Sahel hot spot Club Central, where we regularly set up residence, and our favourite new summer brew, Desperados, just for us to indulge in endless nocturnal antics like the depraved party kids we are. 

Club Central and Desperados officially teaming up for one epic event with none other than Tech House hero Matthias Tanzmann, can only mean one thing: Sahel is about to get swept up in a sea of beer, brilliant beats, and overall insanity. 

The prolific German DJ and producer who's behind influential House and Techno label Moon Harbour, has gained international renown over the years for his fresh Tech tunes and minimal Techno beats that never fail to get the crowd amped up. Casting his musical spell across global party hot spots including Los Angels, Ibiza, and Amsterdam, Tanzmann is going to be fuelling the nocturnal mayhem at Club Central all night long on Thursday. And probably well into the morning too. But no worries, you’ll have copious amounts of tequila-flavoured beer to refresh you and also to make sure no one pays too much attention to your awkward dance moves.

Until then, here's a peek of his work on SoundCloud. Just plug your earphones in at the office and pretend like you're doing really important, crucial work while you actually listen to Tech House and wonder how early you can escape from the office on Thursday.

You can check out Desperados on Instagram @Desperados or find Club Central on Facebook and Instagram