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Renewing your Vehicle License WIll Soon Be as Easy as Filling Up on Gas

You can renew your license in as much time as it would take to fawwel your cars.

Car Fuel Pump

Egypt’s Minster of Communication and Information Technology Amr Talaat just announced the launch of kiosks dedicated to renewing your car’s license at gas stations across the country.

In a movement to automate governmental services, which is expected to free citizens of the hassle of standing in line endlessly at ministry buildings, car-owners will be able to access the government portal through applications on their mobile phones to renew their car’s licenses or seek assistance at one of the aforementioned kiosks.

The announcement was made during the symposium of the Egyptian Lebanese Businessmen Friendship Association, which took place on Tuesday, October 22. The symposium was titled, ‘Digital Transformation: the Road to Economic Growth’, and it discussed the automating of government services from A to Z. This strategy stands on two rules: the first is to ensure the governance of people’s digital behavior like e-commerce and health treatment, and the second is to compile all governmental services in one place, making it easier for the government to supply and the people to demand.

By the time it is completed around the end of 2019, the portal will have combined 170 governmental services, with 18 added in July, followed by 25 in September and 34 in October.

Talaat also added that the government’s move to the New Administrative Capital is not just a geographical move, but also an intellectual and administrative one, as the use of inefficient paperwork will stop in favor of digitization. Hard to believe we won’t have to run around the whole city to get a visa anymore, huh?