Sunday December 3rd, 2023
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Renovations Under Way to Restore Islamic Architecture in Old Cairo

The restoration hopes to turn Al Muizz and surrounding areas into an open-air museum.

Cairo Scene

In an effort to beautify the Al Muizz area in Old Cairo, the government has begun altering the appearances of surrounding residential buildings to match the area’s famed Islamic architecture.

The project has set out to improve the cohesiveness of Cairo’s visual identity by renovating buildings from both the inside and outside.

Spanning five main areas including south of Bab Zuweila, Harat Al Rum, the areas around Al Hussein and Al Azhar mosque, the area around Al Hakim mosque, and Darb Al Labanah, the renovation project hopes to turn the area of Old Cairo into an open-air museum.

Restoration works include replacing doors and windows with ones that align more seamlessly with Islamic architecture, installing drinking fountains, and building an immersive hotel near the historic site. Additionally, dilapidated areas on the brink of collapse were demolished with appropriate compensation.