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Retiring Egypt's Taxis

Adly Mansour announced that licenses for taxi vehicles that are over 20 years old will not be renewed in a hopes of improving the state of our streets and environment.

In effort to keep the country moving forward and improving interim President Adly Mansour signed a decree on Tuesday to forbid the renewel of licenses for taxis that are over 20 years old. The proposed law will apply to all public transportation but will only go into effect after three years when the current licenses are set to expire.

This isn't the first attempt to improve the state of Cairo's taxis. In 2009, the government launched a program to subsidise the replacement of old black and white taxis with modern white ones. Although a good idea, the initiatives was fraught with problems and complaints, with taxi drivers protesting the terms of the exchange, as well as questioning the quality and safety of the new vehicles. Anyone can tell you that Egypt's public transport fleet is getting older than Miley Cyrus memes, and the below study confirms that the average age of registered taxi vehicles is between 15 - 35 years.

An even better idea would just be to have all vehicles on the road adhere to stricter emission test and standards, maybe then breathing the air wouldn't be the equivalent of smoking a pack of cigarettes a day.