Saturday 3 of December, 2022
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This Genius Method Will Tell You Who's a True Egyptian Supporter in the World Cup

Sounds exciting? Frightening? Unnerving? These smartwatches will be able to tell!

Staff Writer

Rexona has a lot of exciting things in store for us throughout the World Cup Matches at The Tap. During the Pharaohs' matches (taking place on June 15, 19 and 25), Rexona will be undergoing a sort of social experiment involving football spectators and heartbeats. Sound exciting? It gets better!

At the three branches of the Tap – East, West and Maadi – Rexona will be handing out smartwatches to people watching the games. These smartwatches will be responsible for reading people’s heart-rates, by detecting the amount of blood flow in your wrist during times of excitement, anxiety, or calmness.

The smartwatches will be attached via a microsite (a kind of auxiliary website) to a screen being displayed alongside the World Cup games to give the rest of the spectators a view of the nation’s heartbeat during such an exhilarating occasion. That way, anyone frequenting The Tap has a view of how the entire nation feels at any given moment within the games.

Make sure you also keep your eyes open at the Tap for Rexona’s new song and video featuring a soccer-themed version of the Arabic Alphabet. The animation is cute, and the music kind of catchy! 

This campaign will also be running in Saudi Arabia and UAE, and if you’re not fortunate enough to visit the Tap on the scheduled days, then check out the heartbeat trackers on Rexona’s Heartbeat website.

Main image taken from Dreamstime.