Saturday June 3rd, 2023
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Ride or Die

Cairo has just been gifted its first ever 7D full interactive movie and gaming experience. Taking pride of place at CityStars, the XD Dark Ride is a must try!

Staff Writer

2012 was supposed to be the end of the world. Boy, was that a failure!

However, if you are anything like us at CairoScene, you will have – at some point throughout the year – engaged in the necessary debate of “who will survive the Zombie Apocalypse.” Unfortunately, some of the team didn’t really like the conclusions drawn, but for the most part all agreed it was time to train. Success at anything in life is based on preparation, and surviving a Zombie Apocalypse ought not to be an exception.

Our rigorous training program entailed several viewings of Zombieland, tweeting Emma Stone to notice us, crying because Emma Stone didn’t reply, tearing Emma Stone’s photos off our walls, inevitable taping them back together, and then buying Twinkies.And then, our training was truly put to the test, when – as if it were fate itself playing a hand in our future survival – we got invited to try out the new XD The Dark Ride 7D Theatre simulator at CityStars.

We sat down in the 8 person-seater theatre in front of a curved screen waiting for the inevitable. Our palms got sweaty while the screen loaded and then we were in. Our seats tossed us around, zombies flew out of the screen and towards us, the incredible sound system overwhelmed our senses and some members of our team soiled themselves. Actually, it was just Waleed.

3D is cool but after experiencing 7D I can safely say, I wish all movies were this interactive. I wish Twinkies were this interactive. Of course we didn’t have Emma Stone to accompany us on our journey, but we did get guns, and we kinda like using them. Most importantly, the experience finally answered the all-consuming question of who would survive a Zombie Apocalypse. Because as we descended from this ride-come-to-life-experience, our scores were tallied and I was declared the winner. As it should be.

Of course, sometimes it’s not just about winning but the experience itself. And this experience – with all its blood, sweat, tears and bodily functions – brought us, as a team, closer together. Except for Waleed, we don’t care for Waleed anymore. So grab your friends and find out which one you don’t care for while shooting at things.


We have 4 pairs of tickets to the new XD Dark Ride 7D Theatre to give away! All you have to do is ‘Like’ the fanpage here and answer one simple question:

What would you do to survive a Zombie Apocalypse?

The 4 most creative answers will win 2 tickets each! Enter the competition here

XD Dark Ride opens VERY soon at CityStars, Phase II by the Golden Stars Cinema, Ground Floor. 

Find out more by liking the Facebook page here and follow @XDDarkRideEG on Twitter.