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Riding the New Wave

New collaborative art house, New Wave, are changing the way we consume culture. We talk to the founders ahead of their first event this week...

With Egypt’s art scene booming at the moment, there seems so to be an esoteric surge of appreciation for all things culturally inspired and New Wave, founded by Yousef Adris and Ziad Abdel-Aal, is planning on being a platform at the forefront of this movement. Whereas artists, whether they are filmmakers, painters, musicians or anything else, have typically shied away from collaborating (especially in Egypt where competition is king), New Wave plans on bringing the best and brightest young talents together for exciting independent events and collaborative projects  “which range from comic books to music production and everything in between,” as Adris explains. With upcoming open jam events and releases of everything from comic books, video games, short films and much more, there’s a lot to be excited about so we suggest you start riding the New Wave from this Saturday 8th , when they throw their first event.  “All of our projects are a combination of different fields of art; we never want to do things the traditional way. We always try to find ways to incorporate innovative concepts on to preexisting notions of what entertainment should be. That way everything we do will be a new experience,” says Adris. And there’ll be nothing traditional when the New Wave crashes into Le Verana on the Nile Maxim boat with Echo – an eclectic line up fusing short, independent films with live music that’ll make for a unique night out. 

First up is SAFI who mixes his soulful Indie influences with some Egyptian magic for a unique and endlessly entertaining blend of live music. He will be followed by the screening of  Makta3 Saree3 Men 7ayat Sara (A Quick Look at Sara’s Life), a short film about relationships, family and the pursuit of passions. Shortly after, the acoustic Indie wizards PanSTARRS will be gracing the New Wave stage, led by Youssef Abouzeid’s  ethereal melodies. Next up another short film entitled The Interview by Ali Heraize will be screened, dealing the psychology of self-image. That will be followed by an almagamation of live instruments with Electro sounds of Cairene underground legends, Telepoetic. Next, short film, Abdallah by Mohamed Abo El Wafa, will be screened and will will leave you thinking about desperation and insanity. Finishing up the music segment will be the ever-entertaining ZULI, who's promised he'll be playing some new material, while Merna Karam's Monochrome will be the final film of the evening, taking a look at the concept of perception. Tickets for Echo will be sold at the door, which is a good place to leave any preconceptions you might have.  At best, this is the start of a Warhol-esque Factory situation; at worst, there’s a few less khabt events.

Check out the New Wave fan page for updates on the upcoming event and future projects.