Monday 5 of December, 2022
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Ring In The New Year In Serious Style With The Maadi NYE Party At Dusit Thani

Starting as what was meant to be a small bash on a rooftop in Maadi, this New Year's party has quickly become one of the must-attend events of the year.

Staff Writer

Once upon a time at a house in Maadi, a few friends got together to celebrate the end of the year. They planned to gather on a friend's rooftop with a pretty close-knit group and ring in the new year in style. But there was such an influx of party-goers that they had to shift the venue to Mirage City. The next year, more people showed up with the promise of not having to worry about all the awfulness that too many NYE parties can entail - people that no one invited showing up and acting sketchy, baby-children-people that let a beverage get the better of them and end up embarrassing themselves something awful, and don’t forget about the hallmark of a crappy new year’s party: vomit. Copious amounts of vomit ruining your nice new shoes, getting all caked into your coat, and totally getting in your grandma’s vintage purse - happy new year! Instead, this party, now dubbed 'Maadi NYE' was a place where people could ring in the New Year in sophisticated style without the trappings and social faux pas of lesser events.  

The Maadi gang held strong and, year after year, have upped the ante, becoming one of the most well renowned NYE parties in Cairo, growing from less than one hundred people on a friend’s rooftop to a bombastic celebration with almost 2000 attending, and more begging to get in. This rapid expansion necessitated a bigger venue and, in the party's third year, it relocated to the illustrious Dusit Thani. 

Now in its fifth iteration, the Maadi NYE party is stressing a more exclusive vibe with capacity being brought down to 1000-1200, making more room to tear it up while still being able to breathe. Speaking of tearing it up, Turkish Deep House sensation Ahmet Kiliç and DJ Hadi El Sabaa will be keeping the pulse of the party raging until the clock strikes 12, and well into the new year. Joining all the hot bodies in the room will be several Go-Go dancers and the jaw-dropping bellydancer Maya Maghraby. Is it getting warm in here or is it just us?

For those who will undoubtedly be spending time waiting in line, itching to get into the biggest party of the year, you haven’t been forgotten. Magicians will be stationed outside to keep the eager masses bewildered with feats that will keep you perplexed enough that you don’t think of how long you’ve been waiting in line. 

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