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RiseUp's Viral 48-Hour Challenge is Taking Egypt’s Entrepreneurs to Facebook Live

Emulating the Ice Bucket Challenge's contagious effect, RiseUp has sparked a 48-hour challenge inviting Egypt's entrepreneurs to tell their stories on live video.

Ahead of the RiseUp Summit kicking off at Cairo’s tech valley on December 9th, a viral storytelling campaign has taken social media by storm, in a 48-hour-challenge where entrepreneurs are using live video to tell their stories.  

Titled #PurposeDrivenStartups, the campaign is emulating the infamous Ice Bucket Challenge, inviting the MENA region’s most passionate entrepreneurs to tell why they do what they do through a Facebook live video. The campaign, which kicked off yesterday and runs for 48 hours, was sparked by RiseUp Co-Founder Abdelhameed Sharara, who selected nearly 50 of this region’s finest startups to kick off the campaign, bringing the drive, the passion, and the social purpose of the Middle East’s startups back to the spotlight. Some of the entrepreneurs have already broadcasted live…

Ahmed Zahran, Co-Founder of Karmsolar

Riham Abu Elinin, serial entrepreneur and angel investor  

Waleed Abdelrahman, Founder of Mumms 

Maria Sanchez, Co-Founder of Maison Pyramide

Seif Abou Said, Founder of Mavericks

Tarek Nasr, Co-Founder of The Planet

 Follow more live videos using the hashtags #PurposeDrivenStartups, #Riseup16, and #WhyRiseup and check out the RiseUp Summit's website