Monday 28 of November, 2022
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SANDBOX Jewellery Curates New Ramadan Collection

Conceptual pieces meets the clarity and transformative aura of Ramadan in statement jewels.

Staff Writer

Sandbox Jewellery, the conceptual jewellery brand vying to express the human experience through its pieces, has selected a curated selection from their released designs to represent the the month of Ramadan under the campaign ‘Below Arid Lands’, a jewellery line dedicated to encapsulate the transformative month with alike transformative jewellery.

Credit: Suhayla Al Sheikh

Below Arid Lands is a conceptual fantasy that Suhayla Al Sheikh, Sandbox Jewellery founder, imagined and used as inspiration for the selection. “The fantasy revolves around two unearthly beings with knowledge of the unknown, and mystical magical powers”, says Suhayla. “For one month during the year, these beings bind constant spiritual motion to cast a spell in the Sahara desert, spreading peace and love across the world”.

She describes that “the beings must always be dynamic, and must always be donning the jewellery for the spell to work.” The story plays on the relevant Ramadan themes of spirituality. The statement pieces blend rocks, silver and distinct shapes, dripping with personality and charm as statement jewels that visually stun, and embolden those who don them.


You can shop for the 'Below Arid Lands' Ramadan picks on Sandbox Jewellery’s online store, and check out their Instagram page for their ethereally magical designs.