Saturday 10 of December, 2022
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Safina, Egypt’s Very Own Ali Baba E-Commerce Site, Has Arrived

The new platform exposes Egyptian products to foreign markets.

Staff Writer

The Safina Egypt company has launched an online platform designed to expose local products to the international market, much like how the widely-used Ali Baba operates in China. If Safina proves to be successful, it could potentially do a lot to curb inferior products from being imported into Egypt and encourage Egyptian exports abroad. 

Safina Egypt doesn’t stop there, though. It also caters to domestic businesses by showcasing Egyptian factories to local traders, dealers and importers so that they can conveniently source them. The platform offers a chat service on the website, allowing traders and importers to contact the sales representatives for each factory.

The new website is designed to be a digital commercial mall and contains background information on each seller including their size, history, certifications, product specifications and images for optimal reassurance.

The e-commerce site will operate solely on a subscription-fee basis and will not withdraw sales commissions from sellers’ profits.