Friday February 23rd, 2024
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Sahel’s First Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Hotel Announced

Egyptian-Swiss group, Mariout Hills Enterprises, has big plans for the North Coast.

Staff Writer

Mariout Hills Enterprises, a Swiss-Egyptian group specialising in advanced building tech, renewable energy and water solutions, has announced that they have been granted a license to build and launch the first sustainable hotel on the North Coast. The group acquired the license from both ministries of tourism and environment, paving way for what is shaping up to be the first hotel of its kind in Egypt,as reported by Egypt Today.

Mariout Hills Developments Chairperson and a specialist in sustainable cities, Ahmed Hassan, has stated that that all construction work on the hotel is sustainable, while the cherry on top of the eco-friendly cake is that the hotel is cooperating with modern and advanced farms to produce organic food.

Located on the 83km mark on the Sahel road, the hotel will be divided into 200 hotel houses. The first phase is around EGP 300 million and will wrap up by July 2020, while the second phase is said will cost EGP 1 billion, with the hotel set for launch in 2023.

The hotel would be part of a first phase of a larger project that is aiming to build the first sustainable eco-city in Egypt, which will also include health and therapeutic services for the elderly and Alzheimer’s patients, and a designated area for children’s camps, recreational forests and educational programs and workshops. Moreover, the city is establishing a racing track for electric cars, shopping centres, and an organic farm.