Wednesday 30 of November, 2022
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Sahl Hasheesh Still Loves You

Forget awkward dates and high school proms - this is Spring Fling with a debauched difference. Find out what Event Republic has in store as they pack up and head to Sahl Hasheesh this Easter...

Staff Writer

The bell rings for lunch break. You briskly jet out of the class room before the teacher has even finished giving you your home work. No time for mundane arguments about the probability of actually owning all 150 Pokemon with your less than desirable friends. You are on a mission. You’ve finally plucked up all the courage in your pre-pubescent body; it’s lunch break and the potential for embarrassment by far supersedes the probability for complete social suicide. But the heart wants what the heart wants!

You shuffle your way towards her with your sweaty palms and a heavy beating heart. She stands there nonchalantly, as you blurt out awkwardly: "Will you go to Spring Fling with me?" Her laugh cuts through you like a thousand daggers, word spreads throughout the playground of your epic fail as you cry yourself to sleep to the uncomforting sounds of your mother saying "don’t cry, everyone will forget it by tomorrow only to endure day after day of abuse for the next few months." You’ll never love again. You never want to hear the words Spring OR Fling again. It is always Winter. It's always darkness….

Hush, child, dry those crying eyes. Far-gone are the days of teenage angst and romantic solitude. You will find love again. Love is an idea. Spring is a season! Fling is word that means to throw, cast, or hurl with force or violence…but actually in this particular case it means party. You are a man now, Sahl Hasheesh is your lover, Event Republic is your cupid and together, this Easter, they will mend your heart.

The moon light will kiss your face, the sand will caress your feet and for four days straight, music will make love to your ears!  Forget about heartbreak; Spring Fling is here! Check out the awesome local line up the crew at Event Republic has in store for you:

18th of April: DJ SHawky

19th of April: DJ Ramy

20th of April: DJ Mohasseb

21st of April: Gawdat Bros

For more information and to get your name on the exclusive guest list call the reservation hotline on 01002947111.