Tuesday 6 of December, 2022
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Sahl Hasheesh to Host Equestrian World Cup Qualifying Rounds

Knights in shining armour will be on their horses left, right, and centre at the Show Jumping World Cup qualifiers in Sahl Hasheesh this weekend!

Staff Writer

Horses are undoubtedly the strongest, most graceful, and stunning animals ever. They make anyone riding them – at any age – look like a chivalrous knight ready to take over the world. That's probably why we can't help but stop and watch show jumping competitions on TV at the sight of a healthy horse magnificently galloping and transcending obstacles and bars. That competition you caught one time was probably the most popular of its kind, the World Cup Show Jumping Final, which happens annually and brings together the best show horses and rides from around the globe. The next Final will be happening in the United States, but guess where the qualifying rounds will be? Right here in Egypt at our very own Sahl Hasheesh race tracks!
The rounds will be this weekend in Old Town, Sahl Hasheesh from 8 AM to sunset on October 27th to October 29th. The three-day event will witness 150 international riders from over 20 countries – including many from the Arab world, such as Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Libya and Qatar, and plenty from Europe, including England, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, and Ireland – and their beautiful horses, all in the hopes of making it to the finals and showing off their equestrian skills and their horse's forms. You're probably wondering why Sahl Hasheesh? Do the horses enjoy the view of the Red Sea or something? Well, not exactly – it was all decided when the Egyptian Equestrian Federation was blown away by the top-notch state-of-the-art race tracks, which offer all the required standards and easily fall within the same quality as worldwide renowned spaces for equestrian sports.

We're pretty sure this event will be nothing short of extraordinary to witness, but we're betting – not gambling, big difference – the horses may enjoy their time at Sahl Hasheesh so much, consequently bringing their best game forth – and the judges will be having a really hard time deciding who qualifies!

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