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Sai: When Walls Speak

A brilliant new home decor firm with a penchant for prints has certainly caught our attention.

Egyptian homes are often decorated by parents or family or someone old, and while it's ok to have an occasional historical nostalgia inducing piece of furniture, it's not okay for us at least to feel like every house we walked into a time capsule that sent us 30 years back. Looking to dispel that is Sai; a new daring home decor store has popped up on our Facebook newsfeeds, and we have to say it's looking super fresh.

Forget the old busy things you (or your parents) try to pass as paintings or decor. Sai has us all wrapped up in their designs and overall approach at making your walls look better. From the get go you can immediately tell that Sai has a modern outlook, and their prints are original and bold seemingly restricted by nothing. As if the original designs aren't enough, Sai are willing to create from scratch any quotes or words to live by that you come up with. Whatever it is you can fathom, Sai promises to make it happen.


Don't give in to old school decor and leave your mark, even if your room is the only room you call your own.

Check out everything Sai has to offer by liking their Facebook page here, and their Instagram here.