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Salametna is the New Online Service that Lets You Rate a Public Venue's Corona Safety Standards

Salametna is an online service which allows customers to rate the infection control standards of vendors in Cairo and other governorates.


Sometimes you need to go out to a supermarket, or a barbershop, or a pharmacy. You've got your disinfectant, your tissues, your badass parkour abilities in case you need an improvised escape route - as far as you're concerned, you're ready for anything the Coronavirus has got in store for you. But unfortunately, that public venue you're going to might not be quite as prepared. How are you to know?

Salametna is a new website that provides a much-needed community service to help you stay safe when you’re out. The website allows users to rate any kind of public venue you may think og going to according to infection-control criteria. Currently, the service is available for Cairo, Giza, Alexandria, Qalyubiyya and Gharbia.

Users can rate the space based on whether visitor temperatures are measured prior to entry, if it’s possible to enter the place without touching doorknobs, and whether or not the place is well-ventilated. They can also detail whether surfaces are regularly cleaned and if hand sanitizers are readily available within the space, among other comprehensive safety measures. 

The service also helps out business owners by providing them with a step-by-step guide on how to carry out proper sterilisation and maintain a space that’s as clean as possible to protect the safety of customers and staff alike. If you want to view ratings, rate a space or learn how to sterilise your own, head over to