Saturday 10 of December, 2022
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Salamz: Tinder Without the Hell

Are you a single Muslim, serious about marriage? There's an app for that...

Staff Writer

The time has come to admit it. Dating in Egypt sucks and no matter how you might try to pretend, you are not going to meet the love of your life
at some debauched Tech house night in a downtown nightclub. At least not this weekend.

So what does one do when Mama and Baba start piling on the pressure to get hitched?! Run away, fake one's own death or marry that guy with the wonky eye just to get them off of your back? Wait - hold up - there is one other option - Salamz!

Salamz is described as 'a casual dating app for Arabs serious about marriage.' A sort of Tinder for those not destined for the fiery pits of hell. Rocketech, the team behind the app, claim the service targets Muslims worldwide seeking serious relationships. A statement by the group claims that the application aims to help users in countries where gender segregation is common to hook up.

Homam Alghorani, CEO of Rocketech Ltd. says, "The applications is very user friendly, simple and practical. We take the privacy and security of our users as our top priority. Salamz is not going to be like other dating and marriage apps that exist now, it is different. It is going to get frequent and consistent updates and enhancements, the user will notice that every week that the application is getting even better."