Tuesday June 25th, 2024
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Jun 25, 2024

Sama El Masry's American Dream

The infamous Sama El Masry is at it again, this time dancing and singing outside the US Embassy in Cairo to celebrate Anne Patterson's departure.

Staff Writer

Sama El Masry's American Dream

Our favourite Obama-hating, Club M-going Egyptian belly dancer/singer has made the headlines again, and this time she’s doing more than uploading a poorly edited video on YouTube. Sama El-Masry has been very busy since her debut at byGanz Monhara Fel Sahel. She recently took to the streets to celebrate the American ambassador, Anne Patterson, leaving Egypt as her term in office came to an end. El-Masry, along with her entourage, celebrated in front of the US embassy by dancing, chanting and dressing a sheep in an American flag. The hilarious show-woman showed off her singing voice along with her sharsha7a skills by cursing Patterson, calling her ka7yana (cheap) and 3eryana (naked). It is still unclear as to whether the former ambassador was actually naked.


The Sha3by legend then sets fire to an American flag and stomps over it with her feet before proceeding to put an 2olla on her head for some reason, and urges her entourage to voice their hatred towards America and their love for he Egyptian army in a “if you’re happy and you know, it say haaaaa!” manner. The whole event seemed to be very festive and cheerful. With a lot of dancing, zaghareet and a marching band involved, we're just upset CairoZoom wasn't there to catch it.