Sunday 4 of December, 2022
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Samsung Smartwatch Preview

The Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch is soon to be released and, while rivals Sony and Apple aren't far behind, all eyes are on what Samsung has to offer.

Staff Writer

It seems that Samsung has won the race to release the first smartwatch. The Galaxy Gear smartwatch is due to be unveiled in Berlin on September 4th. The smartwatch is the next gadget craze and with Sony, Apple and Pebble preparing to release rival appliances, all eyes are on Samsung. There has been much speculation into what the design and capabilities of the smartwatch will be, but being the first to market, Samsung has an opportunity to create and capture what will surely be another massive gadget niche in the ever evolving market of technology.

Here is a look at all the features that the Samsung Smartwatch has to offer:

-Preloaded with Android apps for social media, health tracking, etc.

-Samsung S Voice for voice commands.

-Integration with a companion Galaxy S phone or tablet.

-An easy-to-use swipe function to access apps, the built-in camera, and the photo gallery.

-Call logs (A cool use-case: You can initiate a call from the watch to a Samsung smartphone device).

-Internet access.

-Power button on the side.

-Social media integration — you can share to your Facebook or Twitter accounts from the watch.

-10+ hours battery life.

It's safe to say Samsung is still proving itself to be a pioneer in technology, and we can't wait until the Smartwatch is available for the public.