Thursday March 30th, 2023
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Saudi Calls on Egyptian Companies to Help Turn Qatar Into an Island

The Salwa Canal will be funded by the Emiratis and Saudis, and dug by Egyptian companies.

Staff Writer

Saudi has enlisted Egypt’s expertise in the construction of the Salwa Canal - a Saudi-Emirati project - in hopes of benefitting from the country's extensive experience in the drilling sector, reported Egypt Today.

Egypt has been drilling for oil since the 1860s and it continues to work towards improving its techniques and tackling challenges within the field. 

Where it concerns the new Saudi- Emirati project however, there have not been any final approvals as of yet, according to Egypt Independent. Once official consent is given, funding will be coming in through Saudi and Emirati investors while the the Salwa Canal itself will be dug by Egyptian companies which have already participated in the construction of the Suez Canal. 

The undertaking of the canal is set to place Saudi at a geostrategic advantage over the Salwa island which borders on Qatari territory. Commenting on the project, geopolitics experts tell Al - Riyad newspaper: “When Saudi Arabia succeeds to implement the Salwa Canal project, Qatar will not be an independent island like Bahrain, but it shall be a part of the Salwa Island which partially lies under the Saudi sovereignty,"

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