Monday February 26th, 2024
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Saudi Husband Caught Sexually Harassing House Staff; Wife Faces One Year Prison

In a cruel twist of fate, a Saudi woman who filmed her husband forcing himself on their maid is the one going to court...

Staff Writer

A (Sharia) law in Saudi Arabia against defamation using cameras or other equipment may put an innocent Saudi wife in jail for exposing her husband who, in a rather repulsive fashion, sexually harassed a member of staff in their home.

The unnamed wife, who had already suspected her Saudi husband cheating on her, secretly filmed him groping and forcing himself onto a female maid in the kitchen at their house in the Kingdom. The husband can be seen talking to the maid all the while attempting to kiss her, take off her pants and touch her private parts, while the she seemed to anxiously resist his vulgar sexual advances and step out of his way. The video was uploaded on YouTube with a caption that reads “The minimum punishment for this husband is to scandalise him.” It has since spread across social media platforms with more than 25,000 mentions over 12 hours and the hashtag #SaudiWomanCatchesHusbandCheating becoming a top trend.

Despite the shaming video’s success, clearly proving her husband’s disloyalty, the wife now faces a stiff punishment of either a one year prison sentence or a fine of 500,000 Saudi Riyal (£87,214). 'She faces up to one year in prison or a fine for defaming her husband in line with the law on information technology crimes,' lawyer Majid Qaroob told a local newspaper.

According to Sharia law, the husband should be punished for infidelity, but the case instead remains focused on punishing the female who sought revenge on her male husband. Meanwhile people working as maids in the Gulf states, many of whom are migrants from under privileged countries, are to some extent enslaved to their Saudi households, and with barely any rights, and remain victims of physical or verbal abuse, false charges and unjust punishment.