Monday April 22nd, 2024
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Why Are Saudis Shaking the Hands of Cardboard Cut-Outs?

Saudi Arabians are lining up around the block to pledge allegiance to a cardboard cut-out of the newly-crowned King Salman. Watch the videos here...

Staff Writer

Why Are Saudis Shaking the Hands of Cardboard Cut-Outs?

Absurdity and Saudi Arabia go hand in hand, which is why men are lining up around the block to offer Bay’ah, a tradition oath of allegiance sealed with a handshake for their newly-crowned King Salman. It isn’t the tradition that is absurd, but rather the fact that the king doesn’t have time to shake everyone's hands, an instead offered a cardboard cut-out for people to pledge their allegiance to.

In what is easily the most bizarre video we have seen today, Saudi Arabians looking to win favours with their new king lined-up to shake the hand of the royal piece of cardboard. In the video you may notice that there are actually people behind the cut outs extending their hand through a hole for the many coming to shake it.

Standing alongside the cut-out of the King Salman is Prince Muqrin bin Abdulaziz and Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, the first and second in line to the throne. Each cut-out had an actor standing behind, extending their hands for shakes. 

It should be noted at no point was a royal hand shook, however that didn’t stop visitors from showing their respect, as Saudi Arabia is a country where traditions die hard, and those who follow them are often rewarded by not being punished.