Thursday March 30th, 2023
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Saudi Prince Rents the Pyramids of Giza for $40 Million to Propose to Girlfriend

With a little help from UK-based concierge company, this Saudi Prince threw his girlfriend an epic surprise engagement party.

Staff Writer

A Saudi prince flew in hundreds of friends and family members to be a part of a marriage proposal on a very expensive site - well, expensive to us, anyway – costing a measly $40 million, according to BBC.

And the site? The Pyramids of Giza! As part of the deal, locals and tourists were denied access to the site, where a party was then held, which we’re assuming still consisted of hours of taking silly selfies.

To achieve a dream that big, the Saudi Prince reached out for help from a UK-based concierge company, which took care of all necessary official permits and logistics to achieve such a phenomenal vision. We bet this is one proposal which will be forever embedded in the memory of the attendees, because not many people get to brag they practically owned the world's most breathtaking and historical site for a few hours.

Fortunately, the answer was yes.