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Saudi Princes Loses 250k in 007-Style Raid

In what appeared to have been a very well-coordinated attack, a Saudi prince's motorcade was robbed by assailants in Paris, who stole 250,000 euros in cash, as well as sensitive documents from the royal's car.

What may have been a scene out of the latest James Bond film unfolded in the streets of Paris, when Kalashnikov-wielding robbers attacked a Saudi prince's motorcade stealing 250,000 euros in cash, and what is reported by French police to be 'sensitive' documents.

The incident took place late on Sunday, around Porte de la Chapelle in northern Paris, when the Saudi prince's motorcade was making its way from the Saudi embassy to an airport in Le Bourget. The unexpected attack thankfully left no injuries to report. 

According to a police source in a statement to AFP, the car used by the criminals was allegedly stolen and later found burned, however no suspects have yet been identified or apprehended.

Local paper Le Parisien described the documents the men have stolen to be “sensitive”. “It’s quite an unusual attack. They were obviously well-informed. It’s true that it’s quite a rare way of operating,” the police source told AFP. All indications lead to suspicions that this, in part, had to be an inside job, as the criminals knew exactly what they were looking for, and had knowledge of the Saudi prince's movements.

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