Thursday December 7th, 2023
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Saudi Woman Donates Entire Wedding Budget

We know Arab weddings can cost a fortune. Imagine what that cash can do for a good cause...

Staff Writer

Would you believe it if we told you there are countries that go bankrupt because of their elaborate wedding celebrations? Of course, you would, you just need to look around you in Egypt. In most cultures, wedding festivities are a grand affair of food and entertainment and the Middle East is no exception. A young Saudi Arabian woman, Baheesa Al Araby, along with her husband, however, decided to donate their wedding budget to a poor village in Djibouti building a water supply system. With some money left over, they even went on to build houses.

During a talk for TedX, Al Araby encouraged other women to do the same thing saying, “I urge all brides to be to try something different for their weddings, it was beautiful to share our happiness with those who really deserve to be happy, my family and my husband were on board.”