Sunday 27 of November, 2022
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Saudi Woman Seeking Asylum in Australia Deported Back to the Kingdom to Face Death

#SaveDinaAli has taken over Twitter since Monday night, when Dina Ali posted a video asking viewers to save her from Saudi Arabia's male guardianship laws.

Staff Writer

A video showing the desperate pleas of a Saudi woman, held against her will at Ninoy Aquino Airport in the Philippines as she made her way to Australia where she was planning to seek asylum is just about breaking the internet and has resulted in a cascade of reactions from viewers, with #SaveDinaAli going viral on Twitter and other social media platforms.

24-year-old Dina Ali chilled the bones of viewers on the internet when she posted a video outlining her detention in the Philippines and how afraid she was that she would be returned to Saudi or that her family would come and get her. She pleaded with viewers to put pressure on the Philippines to let her go, assuring that if she ins't released and allowed to continue her journey to Australia, she would be murdered, either by her family or she would be executed by Saudi authorities because she left without her family’s consent.

“My name is Dina Ali, I’m a Saudi woman who fled Saudi Arabia to Australia to seek asylum,” she begins. “I stopped in the Philippines… They took my passport and locked me for 13 hours just because I am a Saudi woman. They are working in collaboration with the Saudi embassy. If my family comes, they will kill me, if I go back to Saudi Arabia, I will be dead,” says Ali in the video, her face not sowing in the frame, just her veil.

She denounces the Philippines and Saudi Arabia in the video, claiming that they have violated international human rights. Although the response from the internet was quick and mostly in favour of her release, reports since Monday night have confirmed that she was indeed put on a flight and sent back to Saudi.

“If anything happens to me, that’s on Philippines airlines and the Saudi Arabian government,” she says on the video.

Last night, human rights campaigner Jasvinder Sanghera wrote on Facebook: “Our source informs us she [Dina Ali] is being returned to Saudi Arabia despite her pleas and the growing calls online for her execution,” reports and according to Inquirer, the woman was handed over to embassy officials and escorted on a flight back to Saudi Arabia.

Check out her video below:

Please Help Me, If anything happen to me it's on #Saudi government.
This video before my family came.#SaveDinaAli

— Dina Ali - دينا علي (@DinaAli93) April 10, 2017