Wednesday July 24th, 2024
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Saudi Women are Up to No Good Again.....

Saudi women have geared together yet again to challenge the conservative kingdom's draconian laws that prohibit women from driving…

Staff Writer

Saudi Women are Up to No Good Again.....

Those pesky Saudi women are up to no good yet again as they get behind the wheel in an effort to drive the ruling elite crazy.

Women across the country came out in force yesterday to support a day of protests against the country's controversial driving ban. The move was designed to mark the first anniversary of last year's 'Women2Drive' protests.

This year's movement was spearheaded by a petition which has already clocked up almost 3,000 signatures. The latest petition reopened the debate surrounding the ban, asserting that there is no specific religious rule that forbids women from driving.

Activists used the petition space to put forward their views on the topic. One wrote: "The issue is not that of simply a vehicle driven by a woman, but the acknowledgement and recognition of the humanity of half of society and the God-given rights of women."

Meanwhile another added: "Since there is no single Islamic text or jurisprudential edict that prohibits women driving, and that current justification for any reluctance stems from traditions and customs that have no relation to religion."

The petition follows the publication of a string of videos showing women defying the ban.

Check out this clip which is sure to get many Saudis hot under the collar.

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