Saturday 3 of December, 2022
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Say My Name

So Cairo’s favorite cocktail bar Amici is upping the ante with a seriously cool ‘SAY MY NAME Cocktail Competition’!

Staff Writer

They’ve come up with a hot new cocktail (check out the poster below for details) and are asking their Facebook fans to come up with a name for it. Of course Amici is famed for dubbing their drinks with all sorts of risqué names – from the  ‘Fuck me Up’ and ‘Liquid Cocaine’ to the ‘Porn Star Martini’  So you’re tasked with coming  up with something deliciously daring, different and creative!

E-mail the name you  think up to They’ll post it to their fan page and the one with the most likes wins!

The prize is an incredible 500LE voucher for Amici Zamalek AND the new drink will forever be known by the name you come up with on the original Amici’s menu! 

The competition closes on October 30th so get thinking!

Stay tuned to the Amici fan page here and follow them on twitter @amicibar