Thursday December 7th, 2023
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Scanbo: Snap a Photo with Egyptian Screen Legends

A new augmented reality app, produced by Egyptian start-up Nazra, lets you mingle with the cinema stars of yesteryear.

Staff Writer

Let’s talk apps. It seems there’s a million and twelve of them out there; some are supremely useful, some are seriously fun, some kind of seem like a recycling of a very basic idea (ahem, Dubsmash – it’s basically just lip-synching) but somehow manage to ascend to viral status.

So the latest app we’ve discovered – and we’ll let you draw your own conclusions about whether it’s nifty little idea or kind of pointless – basically allows you to insert an image of yourself into a star studded situation with some of Egypt’s long-gone megastars. Basically, you snap a picture of yourself and the app, titled Scanbo, essentially Photoshops that image into a red carpet scenario where swoon-worthy screen hunk Roshdy Abaza and starlet Soad Hosni are just y’know casually walking the red carpet.

The app, created by start-up company Nazra, uses augmented reality technology to get you to ‘take a photo’ with the two legends on the red carpet. You can casually pose next to them like, hell yeah, I just walked the red carpet with these two superstars, or – and we would do this – get creative with your posing. We’d be like, kissing Roshdy.

Now it’s a cute idea and all, but it kind of also just looks like a poor Photoshopping job if we’re being entirely honest. But maybe you feel differently – maybe you really, really want a ‘picture’ of you and Soad chilling. The app is scheduled for release next month you’ll be able to find it on Google Play or the App Store.