Tuesday 6 of December, 2022
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Sea Salt Beach Bistro is Getting All Sultry with Ahmed Harfoush's Jazzy Tunes this Weekend

Jazz by the beach... It's like straight out of a movie.

Staff Writer

Look, we're not going to deny that sometimes, the best season of all (Sahel season obviously) can have some awkward nights. This is our fault; we can't just keep drinking and then expect the best friend we made two hours ago to be responsible for carrying us home. 

But, as Sahel season wraps up, it'd be nice to have an unforgettable night with hopefully, a classier end. That's why when we heard about U Bistro & Bar's prodigal seaside child, Sea Salt Beach Bistro & Bar bringing Ahmed Harfoush, Egypt's number one Jazz man, to their shoreside spot, we stopped working and started daydreaming pretty hardcore at the office.

We got it all figured out; on August 26th just before midnight, we will be wearing flowy beach garments, take a table by that dim lighting that works for our faces (because selfies obviously), order one of their delectable dishes everyone's been talking about, and then a cocktail (which will lead to many, many more), and Ahmed Harfoush will start singing oldies – Jazz classics and Motown hits. Then, we will make eye contact with the best looking person in the room (who will be single), and just like that, we WILL dance together because Harfoush will probably take note of our unspoken connection and serenade the crowd with a jazz love song. It's fate. It's love. We said so. It is what it is.Okay, imaginary (yet very possible) scenarios aside, we want an elegant night by the beach where it's all gourmet dishes with a side of smooth Jazz. And that's exactly what this Friday 26th of August will be at Sea Salt.

You can check out their Facebook page here.