Thursday July 25th, 2024
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Sea, Sand and UFOs

A professional photographer and a Russian tourist claim to have spotted a UFO in Hurghada. The photo below may or may not be accurate.

Staff Writer

Sea, Sand and UFOs

Apparently, aliens have decided to move from America and relocate here in Hurghada. Everyone deserves a holiday every now and again, we guess. A professional photographer says he was on a hiking trip at the mountainous coastal area when he took pictures of the alleged UFO. He also added that he didn’t see it once it appeared, but saw it later when he was going through the photographs he had taken and spotted a grey flying oval object in them.

His story was supported by other tourists in that area who said they had seen the same object. Also, a Russian tourist says he has video footage of the mysterious flying oval object. Let’s hope he’s not talking about his E.T. DVD.

Environment Minister Layla Iskandar and director of Hurghada’s Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency Mohamed Abbas said they’re offices are taking extreme measures to investigate into the allegations and verify the existence of the object.