Tuesday 29 of November, 2022
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Seafood Sensation

Working with international embassies in Cairo, Seafood House is planning a culinary tour around the world's oceans, putting the spotlight on one cuisine at a time. First up, tantalising Thai...

Staff Writer

Barring partying hard, there's nary a thing we like more than an epic seafood meal. When done correctly, there just is no comparison. Sebastian had it right; everything from under the sea is better. Literally, it all tastes freaking fantastic; we could feast on shrimp and lobster and calamari for days. Unfortunately reality prevents us from doing such a thing: Daddy Warbucks has yet to adopt us and treat us to daily seafood meals, but we’re still holding out hope. However, that doesn’t stop us from fantasising about a magnificently indulgent seafood meal on at least a weekly basis. If we're being honest with ourselves, it's more like on a daily basis. So naturally, when we heard about the International Seafood Festival, we felt like all of our dreams had come true. Prior to…well about five minutes ago, we did not know such a thing existed but apparently, it does.

Basically, on the first week of each month (so yeah, when you're still flush) the Seafood House will be celebrating this most wonderful of all festivals by serving up some amazing seafood cuisine from different parts of the world. Their monthly feasts will cover cuisines from a myriad of countries, from nearby (relatively) Mediterranean neighbours Spain, Italy, Portugal, Tunisia and Morocco, as well as some special dishes from the far off Far East countries of Thailand and Indonesia. At some point there will also be dishes from the Caribbean, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, and Mexico. Spanish paella is the extent of our seafood knowledge. We have virtually no idea what kind of seafood they serve up in Cuba, but if their cigars are any indication, it's going to be freaking amazing. To ensure both the authenticity and quality of the meal, Seafood House are actually working with the embassies of each country, inviting a chef to prepare the entire menu. Basically, you're getting the real deal. 

Seafood House are kicking off this series of celebrations of the sea in May with a Thai seafood extravaganza. With the help of the Thai Embassy, they'll be decking out their three restaurant in full Thai decorations, complete with authentic music and all. But let's face it; they could turn it into a Barney-themed night for all we care, it's really all about the food. And the food sounds drop dead amazing. From Hot Sour Soup with Seafood and Thai herbs to Yellow Curry Prawns with Coconut Milk, it is literally taking all of our humanly restraint to not lick the screen right now. The goodies also include Steamed Fish with Seafood Lemon Sauce and Deep Fried Shrimp Konafa. Please take us there now.

In addition, there are going to be special discounted packages to Thailand during the event. We have been toying with the idea of a Thai summer… There's also going to be a draw where five of the guests will be winning some yet to be announced goodies. We hope it's more food. We would also not be opposed to a trip to Thailand. Either/or.  

The whole shebang, open buffet and all, will only set you back LE 290 and kids ages 4-12 get a 50% discount. But if you're one of those lucky people who actually wins things (we've been to countless events, entered countless draws and have yet to come away once as winners) you could nab yourself a dinner for two at this Thai seafood wonderland. All you have to do is enter their contest, which seems like it requires little to no effort on your part (our favourite kind of competition) – just click here for the direct link. We are entering but knowing our luck, we won't be winning anything and as such have already reserved our spot for the first of many seafood-fuelled nights!

Hotline number for booking is 16791.