Saturday 3 of December, 2022
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Seashell Beats: Sherif Nakhla

In the first of our collaboration with Seashell Beats - purveyours of our summer soundtrack - we talk seaside sets, the perfect vacation and road trip playlists.

Staff Writer

Seashell, a prime luxurious and modern architectural compound coming soon to Egypt’s North Coast district brings you Seashell Beats; a musical phenomenon providing you with specially created sets by Egypt’s top DJs as well as some big international names, for your vital summertime listening pleasure. With a constantly-updated Soundcloud account, and even a dedicated app, they're making sure no summer memory will go without a soundtrack this year. We ask some of our favourite DJs from the bunch about their vacation habits, their top jams of the season and how they score their own summer. First up, Cairo’s up and coming Sherif Nakhla…


What’s your summer vacation spot of choice?

Wherever my friends may be… preferably on a Greek Island!

What’s the best thing about beach parties?

The sense of freedom of being out of the city, everybody is more cheerful and down to earth.

What’s the worst thing about beach parties?

I can’t think of anything that could possibly be bad at a beach party except that if the music is bad, or if it’s over the top, then it can seriously ruin your quality time with the sea.

What’s the best set-list to listen to on the beach?

I like hearing uplifting stuff on the beach, especially sets that are relaxing and have soul in them like remixes of classic tunes.

What’s the best record to listen to on the road?

Damian Lazarus’ Suck my Deck from 2005. It’s incredible, like watching a movie while driving…

Which are your favourite local international DJ?

Local has to be Aly B. Internationally, I’d choose M.A.N.D.Y.

List 3 items you can’t go on a summer vacation without?

My fiancée, my music and water!

What makes the summer special?

Going out of your comfort zone and sharing the experience.

Find out more about Seashell Beats here.